Monday, May 1, 2017

The Just Headphone Grand Opening

If you are in the market for premium headphones, speakers, and accessories mark your calendar, set an alert on your smartphone, and make sure you don't miss the grand opening of Just Headphone on June 1, 2017.

Not only will you find some of the best names in headphones and accessories, but you'll find them at incredible prices and with amazing savings. Unlike a lot of big name, and big box electronics and audio sellers, Just Headphone is run by people who are truly enthusiastic about premium sound, and customer satisfaction. That is a winning combination and why you'll want to check out all of the amazing things that will happen during the grand opening.

For one thing, there will be the company's impressive "unlimited coupons" at work. Unlike big retailers who let you use one coupon per offer, and always for a limited range of goods, the Just Headphone unlimited coupons let you use however many coupons you have, and to "stack" them up for up to 60% savings on premium products and brands. There are no secret conditions and no hidden tricks - just get the coupons and use them at checkout. Where do you get the coupons. It's easy! Head to Facebook and give their page a "Like", this lets you in on the deals available. Also follow them on Twitter to get special coupon codes, and on Instagram too. You can also find more information on their home page and their "Deal of the Day" page too. And all of these coupons can be used at one time!

On top of the big time savings you get with the coupons, during the grand opening, shoppers enjoy up to 50% of cell phone and iPad cases, and up to 40% off headphone and accessories (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). As if all of this isn't enough, buyers enjoy free shipping on any order as well as a 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked! And when you buy a cell phone case, you get a pair of brand name ear buds at no extra charge!

Because Just Headphone is so dedicated to top of the line products and services, they don't stop there. Anyone visiting for the grand opening will also be able to experience their world class customer support for any questions they have about products and accessories of all kinds. Not sure what cables you need or which case is right for your Samsung or HTC phone? They're professionals will help you find all you need and more. Don't miss the May 1, 2015 grand opening - it is an event all headphone enthusiasts must attend!

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