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Coleman Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The best affordable earbuds headphones

The Best Affordable Earbud Headphones Review for 2017

In the market for affordable earbuds headphones? Searching for the best earbuds with marshmallow design? There are plenty of options on the market, and more seem to arrive every single day. How are you supposed to determine which headset offers the best combination of affordability, durability, sound reproduction and overall performance? Rest easy – we’ve done the legwork for you. While there certainly are plenty of brands out there from which to choose, three stand out from the pack as good earbuds to buy.

JCV Earbuds

JVC is a well-known name in consumer electronics. The company has been around for a long time and is recognized as a leader in producing low-cost Headphones that provide plenty of performance with good durability. In the realm of JVC earbuds, you’ll discover plenty of models to consider.
ivc ear clip on headphones
JVC Ear Clip On Earbuds

 For instance, if you live an active lifestyle, you’ll want to consider the JVC HAEB75A Ear Clip On Earbuds. These feature a built-in microphone, and clip around the ear for a secure fit no matter how hard you’re pounding the pavement. They’re also available in a range of colors, including silver, red and black. If the around the ear fit isn’t for you, consider JVC’s HAENR15AM Gumy Sports Earbuds.
Jvc gummy earbuds
JVC Gummy Sports Earbuds

These feature a built-in mic for calls on the go, but also provide a completely in the ear fit. JVC Gummy earbuds are also popular, thanks to their compact design and comfortable fit.

Ecko Earbuds

Ecko hasn’t been around as long as JVC, but the company has built a reputation for durability and performance in its line of affordable earbuds headphones. The Rogue Hybrid style is very popular, and features an in-ear bud combined with a comfortable loop that slips over the ear for a secure fit during workouts.
ecko unlimited rogue hybrid earbuds
Ecko Unlimited Rogue Hybrid Earbuds

 Of course, the Hype is also popular, particularly with those who want slim fitting earbuds with volume control. Other earbud options from Ecko include the Ecko Unlimited bluetooth runner earbuds, which features larger over-the-ear clips for greater comfort while jogging or involved in other high-intensity workouts.
ecko bluetooth runner earbuds
Ecko Unlimited Bluetooth Runner Earbuds

 For those looking for the ultimate in new style, consider the Vapor. This line of earbuds with volume control features unique designs on the body of the earbud, plus comfortable tips that fit well in any ear canal.

Panasonic Earbuds

Like JVC, Panasonic has been around for decades and has become a trusted name in the consumer electronics industry. Panasonic offers quite a few high performance earbuds headphone models, including sweat-resistant sports models that wrap around the outer ear, while providing a comfortable earbud in the ear.
Panasonic Sweat-Resistant Sports

Of course, Panasonic offers several styles of more basic earbuds, such as the Panasonic HS34 Sport Headphones. However, if you’re more interested in the ultimate in terms of comfort, go for the HJE125 Ergo-Fit earbuds, which might just be the best earbuds with a marshmallow tip design on the market.

What Makes These Companies Stand Out?

So, what makes these three companies some of the top-rated options when it comes to affordable earbuds headphone models? It really comes down to a few different factors. First, they’re all very affordable. While you can definitely spend hundreds of dollars, why shell out that sort of cash if you don’t have to? JVC, Ecko and Panasonic provide the power and performance you want without the high price tag. Another reason they stand out from the pack is quality of the product. Each set of earbuds combines good durability with excellent sound reproduction, so you’re never left wanting, whether you’re headed out for a run or just want to talk hands-free while driving.